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History of Kyodene Group

1978 June H. Hashimoto established "Hashimoto Electric" in Nagano Prefecture
1983 July Hashimoto Electric reorganized & renamed to Kyoden Co., Ltd. Capital of 1.5 million yen
1986 August Main factory built in Nagano Prefecture
1988 October Tokyo office opened
1989 September Osaka Office opened
1990 April Yokohama office opened
1990 July Matsumoto Design Center established
1990 August Increased capital to 300 million Yen
1991 September Kyoden TokyoBldg completed in Yoyogi Tokyo. Tokyo office promoted to Tokyo branch. CAD development Dept. & Sales Dept. transferred to Tokyo Branch
1991 December PADS Korea, Inc established in Seoul, Korea
1992 February Increased capital to 1,120 million yen
1992 December PADS (Asia) Co., Ltd. Established in Hong Kong
1993 February Acquired 50% stock share of Showa Mining Co., Ltd. Share Capital 2,820 million Yen. Listed in Tokyo Stock Exchange.
1994 March PADS software, INC stocks acquired
1995 September Beijing Kyoden Electronic Co., Ltd established
1996 March Matsumoto Office & Atsugi Office opened
1996 May Singapore Kyoden Pte. Ltd. Established
1996 June Hitech Kyoden Co., Ltd. established in Korea
1996 November North Kanto office opened
1997 January CircuitQuest Corp. established in California USA
1997 March Sendai office opened
1997 September Listed on the OTC market in Tokyo. Increased capital to 1,855,750,000 Yen
1998 April Hokkaido Design Center opened
1998 June Sagamihara office opened
1998 July Shizuoka office opened. Sotec Co., Ltd joined Kyoden Group
1998 September Main factory registered to ISO 9001
1999 March Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Section II

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