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Singapore Kyoden Pte Ltd was established in May 1996 and was 100% owned by Kyoden Japan, a listed company in Nagano Japan. Kyoden Japan specialized in fast Turn Prototyping for Normal & High End PCB with the High End PCB Mass Production in Nagano Japan. 

Attracted by the emerging R & D activities in this region, Kyoden Japan extended their operation into Singapore. The Sales office was associated with Casio/Asahi Electronics initially.

Singapore Kyoden Pte Ltd duplicated the parent company’s strategies by offering Total Solution for all PCB needs. The services include PCB Design Routing to fast turnaround PCB Prototyping as well as fast turn trial PCBA to PCB Mass Production. 

Kyoden Group has a total of 5 manufacturing plants in Japan(Nagano & Ibaraki), Korea(Inchon), Thailand(Rayong) & China(Beijing) 

Singapore Kyoden Pte was amongst one of the pioneers to offer prototyping services to R & D companies. The support rendered to the customers were value added and help shorten the development time by allowing them to be more focus to perform R & D works. 

In January 2003, Singapore Kyoden Pte Ltd was locally acquired and subsequently owned 30% shares of KDS Electronics Co. Ltd, a PCB manufacturer in Beijing.

KDS Electronics has a capacity of producing 12,000sqm/M. Single, double and multi-layer (4-12layer). PCB can be produced here with short delivery time (min. 1day for samples, 7days for mass). Our products include the Epoxy board, aluminum based board, HDI, BGA,BVH,RF board and paper based board etc. To ensure high quality PCB, KDS has the whole modern fabricating and test equipment, more than 60 excellent engineers and about 300 well-trained employees. KDS has been awarded the ISO9001 certificate in quality system, ISO140000 environmental system and UL certificate. Our products have been widely used in the telecommunication, industrial control, computer and military applications


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