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Project Name
Order Type Sample     Mass     Pro Repeat
PCB Type  Layer 
Material  FR-1    FR-4     FR-5 
Others specify :
Board Size (unit/pnl) xmm
Board thickness mm       or      inch
Outer Copper thickness oz      um
Inner Copper thickness oz       um
Silkscreen  Component     Solder   Component and Solder (both)
Resist Component     Solder   Component and Solder (both)
Quantity  (pcs)  (pnl)  (pcs/pnl)
Required Delivery Date
PCB Target Price in US$
Surface Treatment  Hot Air Leveling 
Heat Resist Flux 
Gold Flash (Electroless)+ 1day 
Bonding Gold (Electroless)+ 4days 
Gold Plating (Electrolyic)+ 4days 
Bonding Gold (Electrolyic)+ 4days 
Other Specs:
V-Grooving  No of lines :
Panelization  Yes    No (Note: In house only) 

Prefer layer stack up

Yes    No
Electrical Test  Yes    No

Impedence Test

Yes    No
Board Specifications Min Hole Size 
mm     or  inch

Min (Track) Width  
mm     or  inch

Min Land (Pad-Hole) Size 
mm     or  inch

Min (Track or Pad) Clearance 
mm     or  inch

Via Type 

Inner Via    hole Blind Via    hole Tented Via 
Special Requirements

(if any)

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